February 4, 2019
A ‘Dose of Dallas’
February 9, 2019
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Who is Angel Miri?

Bold. Ambitious. Focused. These are just a few words to describe ‘The Pulpit Life’ (TP.L) Founder, Angel Miri. Realizing she has a mission to fulfill and foundation to lay, every morning she understands that ​her emphasis and mindset is to GET IT! ​No excuses!
Also, people can usually tell who a person in merit and character based off their resume and accomplishments. And while most would go overboard listing seemingly superhuman things, Angel says that her greatest accomplishment is sustaining her mental health. She has been able to enjoy inner peace, which has resulted into a great shift in perspective. “For years, I suffered from poor perspective and lacked an understanding for life,” she says. “Today, I can say that I have overcome those blocks, and I thank God for it. It is time to share that revelation through TP.L”