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February 4, 2019

Why TP.L? x Angel Miri

Her brainchild, TP.L, is the result of clarity. Initially wanting to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and get her Real Estate license, this professional aspiration became too much for her. “It was like an out of body experience being in those elitist environments with those elitist people -- and I was just in a FIU classroom with these people, so I only imagined how things would be in real life.” This realization forced her to step away from school for a while to rethink.
When journaling and becoming clear of her goals and passions, TP.L was born. It was birthed out of the vision of unity, diversity, giving back, and giving everyone - especially the youth - a shot. It was designed to help the next generation have a way out of their limiting environments and beliefs that has entrapped many adults whose lives are in limbo. TP.L helps society have their own mental shifts in an effort to understand that there is more to life than we know. She is now, proudly back at one-hundred percent with her studies and understands the importance of the balance brought by TP.L.