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February 9, 2019
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March 5, 2019

Dynamic Duo

“We are changing the standard”

Who runs the world? Undoubtedly these girls, ​Andie & AJ​. Together, these bold and powerful women are revolutionizing the way we engage with and think about fashion. We caught up with this dynamic duo to find out more about their organization and to talk empowerment.
But first, let’s meet the team. Andie and AJ are both Founders of their self-titled venture; Andie being the Content Creator while AJ serves as the Creative Director. Realizing that it takes a village to raise something great, they recruited Lauren and Victoria to help manage the brand’s social media presence, and Aviar, who typically serves as the host of Andie and AJ’s live chats on Instagram. The trio was invited into the vision by AJ, and together they have become the foundation and driving force behind Andie and AJ.
Based out of Miami, while also having ties to markets in Boston and New York, Andie and AJ is a catchall. “There is no real way to describe what we do,” they joke. Composed of an all-female crew of bloggers, photographers, and stylists, Andie and AJ encourages sustainability and provides unique fashion tips to their followers. They also host fashion shows that not only showcase the latest trends, hottest styles, and creative blends, but they ultimately promote confidence, diversity, and being more acceptable and open-minded to what is different.
“We are changing the standard,” they said. “We [society] made the standard and then we stress it, so we [Andie and AJ] prefer to change it.” Moreover, a pro about their fashion shows are that they highlight the ordinary person. With an “affordable and diverse catwalk,” Andie and AJ promotes an atmosphere where the audience can see themselves and actually be okay and comfortable with what they see. It is more than just a fashion show, it is an EXPERIENCE! “We are very intentional about making everyone feel like royalty. We just promote what is practical.”
Their primary goal is to showcase diversity. “Instead of not seeing color, let’s see the beauty in diversity,” they add, which one could also say is a statement that is applicable beyond fashion. However, they assure that they are about boosting self-esteem and confidence. There is a big message, and very genuine and intentional one, that they hope to get across through their brand in effort to create a new culture and that new standard.
However, it takes empowering, and lots of it. Next to diversity, empowerment is the cornerstone of their brand and these two ladies have copious amounts to give. “Take it one day at a time,” Andie encourages. “You have today. Focus on that. Allow yourself to dream. Live today at your best, and be in tune with yourself,” she says. And when it comes down to encouraging other woman, she says to take the time out to listen to your girls then “give them a slap on the ass to remind them they are a badass bitch!” AJ, on the other hand, advises women to pay attention and ask questions. “Look around you,” she says. “Look around you and be aware of the issues in our society, racism, why the government is shut down, who is the Vice President... Be yourself, forgive yourself, and stay woke!” Andie and AJ are serious, genuine, hard working entrepreneurs, and they are here to stay. They are part of a new social wave to promote intentionality, communication, and diversity. Much is on the way, so be on the lookout!